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MortgageHazard.com makes requesting hazard, flood and foreclosed liability insurance easy! We strive to provide you the best possible service through our lender-placed insurance program.

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MortgageHazard.com provides your institution with billing & refund support, ability to file claims, and access to multiple reports to help your institution track & place coverage.

Highlights Include:
  • Immediate binding authority up to $5,000,000 per property
  • Coverage provided by A.M. Best "A" rated carriers
  • Flood coverage available without waiting period
  • Lender determines insurable valuable
  • Most losses adjusted on Replacement Cost basis assuming repairs are made
  • Pro-rated refunds generated by Lee & Mason weekly
  • Assigned customer service representatives
The above summary is not a substitute for your insurance policy. For specific terms and restrictions, please refer to the policy as the contract for coverage.

Program Matrix

Residential Occupied
Occupied dwelling in force-placed or foreclosed situation
1-4 Family dwelling
Residential Vacant
Vacant dwelling
1-4 family dwelling
Commercial Occupied
- 5 family or larger
- Industrial
31% or more occupied
Commercial Vacant
- 5 family or larger
- Industrial
Less than 31% occupied
Commercial Contents & Equipment Occupied
Business contents usual to the occupancy of the building
Commercial Contents & Equipment Vacant
Business contents usual to the occupancy of the building when operations no longer exist
Mobile Home Occupied
Mobile home used for residential
Mobile Home Vacant
Mobile home used for residential

Residential: Defined as a dwelling with one to four family units
Commercial: Defined as a property with five or more family units, storefront or office
Occupied: Defined as 31% or more occupancy
Mobile Home: Considered anchored if it is permanently fixed
Contents: Only available on commercial provided the property has building insurance coverage. Maximum limit = 50% of building insurance coverage provided

Flood Program Matrix
How much flood insurance coverage is available?
The following coverage limits are available:
Building Coverage Regular Program
Residential (1-4 Family) $250,000
Other Residential (5+ Family) $500,000
Non-residential or small business $500,000
- -
Contents Coverage (per unit)
Residential $100,000
Non-residential including small business $500,000

** Excess flood coverage is available.

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